Miles Club
Fort Berthold Diabetes Program and TAT Fitness and Recreation Club involves Running, Walking, and Biking. Incentives will be starting at 25miles, 50 miles, 75 miles, 100 miles, 125 miles, and 150 miles.

The Miles Club Kick off event to begin logging your miles will be on May 27th at the Little Shell Pow Wow grounds at 10AM. Participants will then register at that time to join the club!

All ages are welcome!

Logging and tracking your miles will follow the Honor system.

We encourage all to participate and get active!! We put up encouragement signs along the walking path and we  hope you enjoy them!

The Walking Miles Club will be on weekdays starting at noon and 4:30pm. The walk will begin at the Tribal Building and go around Four Bears park if anyone would like to join us.

Quote: “May your best miles be covered on foot”

For any questions contact:

TAT Fitness and Recreation
BJ Brady: 701-627-3456

Diabetes Program: 701-627-7931
Shelby Chapin
Amber Kirk
DeeAnn Waupoose


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